måndag 3 november 2014

Getting stronger

A: Max in the complex 40-50-60-70-75-80-85-86X
Snatch with 3s liftoff from floor to knee +
Hang Snatch from below knee

B: Back Squat x 4 x 4set, AMRAP in the last set 130kg, 10reps

C: 2 Snatch DL + 2 Hang Snatch DL w 2s pause at 5cm off floor 100% of Snatch x 4set 95kg

D: Muscle up transition 4 x 5set, Strict work.

E: Chest to Ring Pull-up x 3 x 5 set 10kg

F: Weighted pronated pull-up 10 x 3set 7.5kg

6h rest then

G: 3 sets of 3min

10/7 kcal row
Burpee Box Jump Over 60cm/50cm

rest 3min btw sets
1: 2v+6cal
2: 2v+2 CTB
3: 2v+1 CTB

H: 3 rounds of core work

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