onsdag 2 juli 2014

Getting Better

Session one

A: Clean Doubles Ladder E90s 70% add 7.5kg/5kg on every 4th set
85-115kg, fail at 122,5kg, 115 felt solid, finally improving again.

B1: Push jerk 75% x 3-3-3-3-3+
80kg 5reps, abit tight shoulders.

B2: Strict Weighted CTB Pull-up 3-3-3-3-3+
15kg 4reps

D: Unbroken TTB EMOM Ladder – start the ladder 5 levels below where you ended the last i.e. if you made 10 rounds you start at 5-6-7-8…
I want you to get at least 30 reps in total so restart the ladder until you get 30 reps. If you get more than 100 reps I strongly suggest that you abort.
8-13+8reps, a little better than last time.

E: Dragon flags 5 x 3-4set
Hold each for 2-3secs in the end position

Getting further down in a good dragon position

F: Freestanding handstand progression
4*60s elbowstand, Not good, but are getting the hang of it, finally :)

Session two

Rest at least 3 hours between sessions

15 kcal row
30 Double Unders
Parallette HSPU 10cm EROM 6 reps


Started to slow on the rower, first two rounds average 1300+ cal/h, third round up to 1500+, last two 1800+, this is where i should be...