tisdag 28 mars 2017

Post Open 2017

Pass 1:Complex Power Snatch + Deep Power Snatch + Snatch 4.1 Do one complex every other minute and increases the weight each round. As the weight increase it will get more and more difficult for you to catch the bar in a power position. Keep adding weight until you are literally just doing three squat snatches. When three triples get heavy you switch to doubles and when the doubles get heavy you switch to singles. The goal is to get as heavy as possibly in the complex, triples and doubles without failing a rep. In the singles you go all out.

Complex: 70kgTriple: 75kgDouble: 80kgSingle: 90kg

4.2 Drop down to the weight of the heaviest triple squat snatch you managed previously and do ten rounds for time of one squat snatch + ten bar facing burpees over the bar. 75kg, 10:58

Rätt skönt att Open är över :)

Träningstid: 46min

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